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Karla Bobanovic

Karla Bobanovic

Karla Bobanović is a Croatian kickboxing player for the KBK Polača club. Called “the best senior kickboxer player” by the Croatian juries, Karla attended over 20 tournaments throughout her career- bringing home dozens of medals.

“Tiens products are definitely the best choice for me and my body” Karla says, “my practice sessions are very challenging, so my physique must be in the best form in order to perform at 110%”

“Collagen Glow Shot is my most used food supplement” she continues, “After a decade of kickboxing, my joints needed this kind of support- plus, the taste of the liquid collagen is amazing, you can really taste the Manuka honey!”

“Other than that, Cordycafe and Vigor Shot are not missed in my daily diet. I’m actually taking the Vigor sachets with me to my training sessions - great before and even after for a boost of energy!”

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