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The concept of health balance

The rapid progress in science and technology has led to fundamental changes in our perception of health and preservation of it.
In order to stay healthy today, it is no longer enough to just prevent disease and injury. It’s about a holistic approach, integrating physical, mental and emotional well-being in order to achieve true quality of life.
TIENS products are designed to help restore the harmonious balance of the body. In this brochure you will find lots of helpful information about individual nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and their potential impact on health, weigh, and well-being. 


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), five elements theory outlines the relationship between the different elements in nature and the life force - „Qi,” that flows through them. The basic elements are: WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, AND WATER. Each of these elements is related to season of the year, specific emotions, colors, senses and organs within our body. The ancient Chinese approach to self-care can help you discover how to re-balance health and wellbeing by observing our body and following nature’s rhythm. 



As a health industry leader, TIENS is dedicated to promoting 5000-years Chinese health culture and concepts worldwide. TIENS have established our own Life Science Research Institute in Health Industrial Park and collaborate with renowned medical research institutes to drive advancements in medical research. 

Our goal is to develop new technologies and products to meet the growing health needs of people. 

Varna University's Medical Centre is the sole Bulgarian university with a Faculty of Oriental Medicine and its own Medical Centre and Rehabilitation Therapy Centre. TIENS Group partnered with Varna University's Faculty of Oriental Medicine in September 2022. TIENS healthcare products are used for complementary treatment and rehabilitation at the Medical Centre and University's pharmacy, yielding positive results. Building on this success, the Medical Centre applied for a government-approved clinical research project on using TIENS Cordyceps for treating and rehabilitating women with breast cancer. The project, supported by state funds, will involve 150 patients over three years.

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin is a prestigious university hospital in Europe with a 300-year history. It is renowned for its exceptional medical research, treatment, and teaching. Many Nobel Prize winners in medicine and physiology have emerged from Charité University. Starting this year, TIENS has partnered with Charité University Hospital to establish a research fund for children's cancer programs. The collaboration also involves guidance from Charité University scientists on the development of TIENS children's healthcare products and the use of new raw materials.

The International Centre for TCM Oncology Research is a non-profit scientific research institution based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It brings together experts from Israel, China, and the United States. Over 20 years of research, the centre has developed patented anti-tumour products with an effective rate of over 82.5%. Professor Li Hongfen, a respected expert in traditional Chinese medicine, has endorsed TIENS products and used them successfully in her patients' treatment since 2002. TIENS products are available in hospitals founded by Prof Li Hongfen in Israel and the UK.

The Academy of Nutrition in Kazakhstan, established in 1974, has a wide-ranging mission to develop national policy, conduct biomedical research, prevent nutritional deficiencies, ensure food quality and safety, promote healthy diets, and train dietary specialists. Dr. Shamanov, the esteemed founder of the Academy, is a recipient of the National Science and Technology Prize and a longstanding friend of TIENS who actively participates in our events.
Since 2012, TIENS has maintained a strong partnership with the Kazakhstan Nutrition Institute, which organizes lectures on nutrition and healthy lifestyles for TIENS partners. 

The Siberian Federal Health and Nutrition Centre has collaborated closely with TSI for the past decade. Their joint efforts aim to promote healthy eating and raise awareness about nutrition. This partnership ensures the quality and safety of TIENS products and supports distributors in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

SEEGARIEN KLINIK SGK - Swedish Excellence. Tiens Group have established cooperation with SGK medical clinic in Switzerland and received scientific consultancy from Dr John Vanlimburg Stirum, who is also a vice President of the Swiss society for anti-aging medicine and prevention.
The scientific consultantion of the clinic with TIENS Group relates to the TIENS R&D & scientific research in the field of human health particularly in the areas of nutrition, immunity, anti-aging, and to promote global health development.

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